evolve {ē’välv} verb

  1. to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form

-Meagan Marie-

A Pacific Northwest girl, born and raised – I now reside in and absolutely adore Denver, Colorado. I started évoluer as a way to document the daily happenings of my life through words and photographs.

After graduating from university in 2016 (go Eags), and landing my first job in marketing, I quickly became convinced that life in Colorado Springs was not for me. So I quit my job and took a road trip to explore while visiting friends and family. And during that trip I came to the consensus that Denver was my next stop. And while I didn’t know what job it was going to be, the next job I took was one that I was going to love. And I’m lucky to say that everything has fallen into place.

As for the name of the blog, it came to me randomly a few years back when I was just toying with the idea of creating a space like this. I truly believe that if you stay in the same daily routine you will remain unchanged. Stuck in the same routine, situations, and challenges. Exploring, creating goals, and going outside of your comfort zone is you allowing yourself to take on new adventures and truly allowing yourself to evolve.

At the end of the day I hope you leave this space feeling happy that you took the time to stop by and look forward to what’s to come in the future!